Company Executive Bitten By TV Bug

Alexis works for one of the largest chemical manufacturers in North America. She is privileged to sensitive information and company trade secrets. The company has been testing in new areas of production.

They hope to soon unveil some new products to the world which will revolutionize many aspects of life. For now, everything about these new products are secret. If key components of the technology were to get out, it would ruin the competitive edge the company possesses. It would also place them in a dire financial position. Only a few people have access to the information.

In her position Alexis is allowed access to most company information. She has never had a problem keeping the company secrets. She knew this was big, and many would be after the information. They would stop at nothing to get it. The time to unveil the new technology was drawing near and she was becoming anxious.

There was tension throughout the company. Deadlines became increasingly important. Alexis was feeling the stress. She started to feel like someone was watching her on every turn. She knew the company had tight security, so she dismissed it as her own paranoia. The feeling increased.

She even started to have that feeling at home. Alexis knew that her apartment complex was secure. Anybody that entered the building underwent rigorous inspection. Alexis had always felt comfortable at home, but her intuition told her that something was going on. She knew she was definitely a person of interest to all who might want to harm the company. She needed to relax.

She felt it was time to treat herself to something new for all the hard work. She figured this would relieve some of the anxiety. She decided to buy herself the new plasma television she always wanted.

There was no better time to get it. Besides, it would periodically take her mind off work. She knew exactly which one she wanted. One day on her way from work, she stopped by the electronics store and chose the TV she wanted. It would be delivered the nextday. She went home and let building security know that she was having a television delivered the next day.

She gave them all the pertinent information. The television was delivered and underwent the usual security scrutiny. A few weeks passed. The company heads were concerned there might be a security leak. They were seeing other companies start to introduce technology that they innovated. They told all the leaders to be careful.

Alexis knew the drill. She was sure she was not the leak. To be on the safe side, she decided to have some security guys from company security scan her apartment for anything unusual. They brought all sorts of sophisticated equipment with them.

They performed the scan. What they found shocked Alexis. Inside the new plasma TV was a camera and several listening devices. They had been planted between the time Alexis bought the TV and the time it was delivered. Security investigated the electronics store but found nothing to link them to a crime.

The delivery driver did say he was stopped by the police on his was to deliver the TV. He said, they did an extensive search of his vehicle but they let him go. He remembered it took a long time. They police must have been impostors and planted the devices when they stopped the truck. Alexis had the Television removed and destroyed. We all like to think that our home is private.

With todays technology that privacy maybe in jeopardy. Be aware of your surroundings you never know who might be watching listening. By all means do not ignore your intuition. If you feel something is wrong you are probably right.

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