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If you gave in last Christmas and bought your kids that gaming console or computer game that they were begging for, give yourself a pat on


Fun free online computer games

The classic summer kid biz takes a high-tech twist at this site! Your budding entrepreneurs are quizzed on basic multiplication facts as they determine what to charge their virtual customers.


A Big Red Dog What s New

Be careful, "X" doesn't always mark the spot when kids play the I Spy Treasure Hunt computer game ($29.95) from Scholastic Inc., New York. Children are transported to the quaint seaside town of Smuggler


Who s Game evaluating computer games

Those bleeps and bloops on the laptop next to you aren't work being done



Over the last 30 years, research in AI has fragmented into more and more specialized fields, working on more and more specialized

Action Games

Computer games the crime of Internet subsid

Computer games the crime of Internet subsidThe Internet is a wonderful tool. Say you want to write. an article on the role of criminal sanctions in the plan to

When you play you win web head report

When you play you win web head reportGames are more than just fun, they're a creative way to stimulate one of the most important organs--your brain,"

Electronic twins increasingly lucrative

Electronic twins increasingly lucrativeBuffalo Bills cornerback Antoine Winfield makes his living shadowing wide receivers. He also gets paid

Messages in the music disturbed by what

Messages in the music disturbed by whatIt was a typical day for Asantewa Roberson, a seventh-grade science teacher at a junior high school in Hampton, Virginia. Just after homeroom, a

WeatherBug Is Not Spyware

WeatherBug Is Not SpywareWeatherBug is not spyware. Period. I've said it before and I mean it.

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